About Our Safety Center

Vimo is dedicated to making new connections and sharing your stories with people nearby and even around the world. It is so important that you feel safe, respectful and positive when you open the Vimo and try to have a meaningful interaction with someone here.

So you should know how to keep yourself safe, and learn about how we can help you and our security technology.

Our Cmmunity Guidelines

Everyone using Vimo is expected to follow the guidelines. Not following the Community Guidelines may result in your account being suspended deactivated and be removed from the Vimo community.

1. Discrimingnating, Harassment & Bullying

The members on Vimo come from different social background, gender, ethnic group, race or sexual orientation and the mutual repsect is very important. You should avoid talking about divisive issues, such as political and religious beliefs. If you think someone is unfriendly, you should make a report straight way.

2. Threats, Violence & Harm Behavior

Making threats, violence & harm will not only result in your account being deactivated, but it may also prompt the involvement of local law enforcement.

3. Be careful what you shared

Sexually Explicit Content

Hate Speech & False Information

Impersonation & Spam

Hate Speech & False Information

Never share sexually explicit photos, images of violent acts, graphic or gory images or images promoting drug use. It’s important that you don’t share your personal financial information with anyone you don’t know online. In addition, sharing any personal details about your self may put you at unnecessary risk.

4. Obey the Law

Illegal Content


Vimo will not tolerate any unlawful behavior occurring in the app. Incitement of violence, hate speech and organized crime are strictly forbidden activities that may be reported to local law enforcement. Sharing sexually explicit content of underage minors will be directly reported to local law enforcement.

5. Be Yourself

The most important part about Vimo, is for you to be yourself. This means you should only use photos of yourself for your profile picture, never lie about your age or try impersonating someone else’s identity. Vimo can work well when everyone is honest and open – it’s what makes your connections more meaningful.

6. Vimo can only be used if you are of legal age of 18 and above.

Our community is only for those who are 18 years or older. If you find someone who is under 18 is using the service, it is essential that you report it immediately. Vimo will terminate the account, delete any content or information that he or her have posted on the services, and/or prohibit you from using or accessing the Vimo service if it believes that someone are under 18.

Besides, to make sure our community is only for those who are 18 years or older. when you sign-up, whether it’s through Facebook, Google, Google Play, App store or by mobile number, your age will need to be verified.

7. Protect the Community

Users are given the power. If you find any behavior that violates the community guidelines, you should report it immediately. Failing to do so may result in safety risks for yourself or other community members.

8. What happens if you violate our Community Guidelines?

If you are reported or found to be in violation of our Community Guidelines, you will receive a warning. However, for behavior which shows a clear lack of consideration for our guidelines or breaks the law, we will instantly ban the account and even be reported to local law enforcement. The guidelines outlined here are designed to make the community a friendly and safe space for everyone.

We are always here to support you

If you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or are concerned by another community member’s behavior, reporting your concerns to us is easy.

In App Reporting

We’ve made reporting in the app easy and fast. Just tap the flag symbol when matching or someone is on your friends list to report them. A list of reasons why you’re making the report will appear for you to select and to write the detailed information if you'd like.

Besides, you could report via official email support@vimochat.com with the following steps:

1. Write your user ID and nickname

2. Tell us about the incident or concern in as much detail as possible

A team of human moderators work 24/7 to review reports submitted by inappropriately and/or-violated our community guidelines, are instantly banned from the app.

Our Safety Tools

In order to have a positive, safe and secure experience for every community member on Vimo, we are dedicated to developing a number of safey features including age verification, facial recognition, automatic content bluring and advanced content moderation.

Machine Learning

We use state-of-the-art machine learning technologies to identify users who violate our community guidelines to engage in inappropriate behavior on Vimo.

Automatic and Manual Content Moderation

While we can’t control what all of our community does, we can help to make sure you’re not exposed to unpleasant or offensive content. Our automatic content moderation tools will end your video connection if your match displays content such as nudity, violence or offensive images – and for further security, we have a dedicated team ready to react.

Age Verification When Signing-up

Our community is only for those who are 18 years or older. To make sure of this, when you sign-up, whether it’s through Facebook, Google, Google Play, App store or by mobile number, your age will need to be verified.

Block and Blocked List

If you have added a user, or they have directly messaged you, you can choose to block them at any time in your chat settings with that user. Once blocked they will be added to your blacklist, and you will be unable to receive messages from the user. If you wish to see who you have blocked, or to unblock a user, go to your profile settings and go to “Blocked List”. Here you can manage all the contacts you’ve blocked.

Manual Reporting

You can easily report users in the app. To report a user in the app, you can either click the flag report symbol when matched or go into your chat history and report the user.


The material provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region, or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.